Burger King Impossible Whopper

What? A Meatless Burger

The kids seemed to like the packaging and colors associated with this new menu item – The Burger King Impossible Whopper. It was enough to grab their attention and motivate them to ask for it. So we decided to give it a try after school. They were not entirely sure what to expect and had no idea they were about to eat a vegan burger.

That’s weird, but I kinda of heard about veggie burgers before…

That was the initial reaction after mentioning the burgers contained “No Beef” and were actually plant-based burgers. So, here is everything the kid’s had to say during our impromptu Impossible Whopper versus Whopper review/taste test:

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Burger King Impossible Whopper | Pass or Fail?

After looking into the topic further, there was a reason we had not noticed the Impossible Whopper before now. The plant-based burger was just released in all of its stores on Thursday, August 8th, the day before we performed our experiment. However, I suspect it may have been released prior to this date in Arizona.

Burger King has been conducting taste tests behind the scenes, so it appears the timing was right for them to come out with this plant-based alternative to beef offered by Impossible Foods. I initially thought this would be a unique item, but quickly learned that another company, Beyond Meat, is a competitor that also produces a similar product. In fact, there is actually a lot of hype around the topic of alternative-meat, meat-free products, fake meat, and so on.

Although the kids will eat just about anything when they are hungry, I found they generally enjoyed the taste of it. “…different, but still good.”

The adults in the household also tried the new Whopper.  Overall it was a pass and something we would eat again. Yeah, it costs a little more. However, this is to be expected with anything that claims to be healthier be it vegan or organic.

As an average set of consumers, we would definitely have them again, but at this point, I am not entirely sure if we would go very far out of our way to get it. Of course, that could change as planted-based protein becomes more popular in the near future.